SimplicITy Simplifying IT solutions

SimplicITy is one of the fastest growing companies in the information and
communications technology sector in the Polish market.

The company is characterized by an individual approach to the needs of every
client and the high quality standards of the rendered services.

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Mission Statements

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We make sure that our clients’ satisfaction derives from the highest level of provided by us services and from lasting relationship based on a dialogue and trust. Daily life of our company is determined by the following values: thorough work, integrity and trust.


The highest level of provided by us services and flexibility are connected with independent operations of our specialists.


A thorough analysis of needs and industry knowledge of Clients let our specialists find the best solutions and create new quality of IT.

Systemy IT

We implement, expand and modernize IT systems

Our company is taking care of providing complete informatic systems with latest trends in IT. Our solutions help all industries for effectively use their informatic systems to make it always available and safe

We implement, expand and modernize IT systems, using technologies provide by the largest producers. As an integrator of informatic systems we are supply comprehensive IT solutions. 

Offered Services

Based on our experience and elaborate methodology of ITIL standard we offer the highest quality services in IT area. Our selected services and solutions are:

Enterprise Systems: IBM P-Series, Oracle spark

  • Server dimensioning: selecting server equipment components and appropriate licences
  • System implementation
  • Virtualization implementation,

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Backup Systems

  • Audit of the Central Backup System
  • Backup system dimensioning: hardware and licences
  • Audit of licence compliance

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SAN networks, SAN Monitoring

  • Building SAN network architecture
  • Implementing SAN network
  • Auditing SAN environment

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Storage Systems and Tape Devices

  • Tape array configurations
  • Data migration
  • Configuring replications

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  • Audit of the possessed licences
  • Implementing the IT Monitoring System
  • Maintenance of the monitoring environment

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LAN/WAN systems

  • Designing telephony based on VoIP
  • Telephony migration to the VoIP system
  • Support in maintaining the network

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IT Security

  • Audits of the IT security
  • Implementation of the organization’s security policy
  • Conducting client analyses in regards to security

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  • Audit of the environment in regards to its performance
  • Environment cost optimization
  • Planning of the system and database architecture

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Automation of IT processes

  • Management of system and application development
  • Deployment automation
  • Automation of functional and integration tests

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Mobile Applications

  • Management of system and application development
  • Deployment automation
  • Automation of functional and integration tests

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Business Intelligence

  • Dedicate solutions which include analysis, systems architecture and implementation
  • Mobile Business Intelligence – actual information are available everywhere, where you need it

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g4 małe

Precision air conditioning

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Centralization of services and applications

  • Management of system and application development
  • Deployment automation
  • Automation of functional and integration tests

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bezpieczenstwo małe

Licences manegement

  • Monitoring of usage of software licence
  • Analysis and projects of licence optimization costs
  • Audits of compliance between environment and licence agreements

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tarcza mała

Intellectual property protection

  • Management of actualization process of basic data
  • Control of access to projects, research results, recipes
  • Protection of confidential data

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Projects experiences

Our employees realised many IT projects with small industries and also with Enterprise organisations. Thanks to all experiences we can choose the greatest solution for our Clients.


satisfied clients


implemented projects


proffesional employees

Our Partners

Thanks to our knowledge and the experience, it acquired certificates from the largest equipment and programming manufacturers, gaining their partner status.

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The key of success is proffesionalism of our team.

Employees of SimplicITy are appreciate for the highest standard of services and expert knowledge about IT solutions.

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